January 26, 2021 Loudoun Weather Outlook

Weather Expected the next 7 days

2/26/2021 – What is next? Cold temps and then.. maybe.. a Snow Storm! After we clear up late today we now look to stay dry until Saturday Late through Monday when a winter system does look like it will visit the area. Unlike the system failure for Thursday, this system has a lot of support from all models! That gives me confidence that we will see some kind of weather. The question – How much and what types? I am leaning towards the idea that we get some snow and it will be enough to shovel. The upside potential is good, but we have been burned a lot by the setups this year. So, I will keep watching! Again, unanimous support of something happening from all models! Exactly what, when, and how much are all still a question! AND I HAD TO ADD.. Plenty of time for this to fail and become not a big deal.. or to become a REALLY big deal

Since this is on my Website – Here is the European model!

European Model Run Snow for Sunday – Monday January 31 and Feb 1 Storm

Compare that with the American Model

American Model Run Snow for Sunday – Monday January 31 and Feb 1 Storm

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