12/17/2019 – Weather Outlook


12/17/2019 – Wet today and then cold and dry the rest of the week. Starting to get milder Saturday and beyond. Next week looks like normal temperatures to slightly above normal (the upper 40s to mid-50s). As of now, not seeing wintry weather any time really soon.

Consider giving (I posted my ideas for giving below the forecast!) as the year ends.. not saying you have to give to those causes, but just give!


12/16/2019 Mix then turning colder later this week

12/16/2019 – Mixy Mess turning to rain this morning! Rain tomorrow mainly before noon. Really COLD Wednesday and Thursday and then somewhat milder weekend. I am not seeing any real winter weather threats now on the horizon. That can change, but I think we have to wait until after Christmas for the pattern to become a bit more favorable for wintry weather and the temps to cool down again. Remember that long-range forecasting is speculation. In general, I am expecting Christmas Week to be pretty seasonal.  

12/9/2019 – Weather Outlook

12/09/2019 – Monday Weather Outlook – Rainy today! Mild today, and very mild tomorrow. Rain will likely mix with and maybe change to some snow Wednesday Morning. Really cold on Thursday! Looking rainy Saturday which would be a huge bummer for the Christmas Parades!! Let's hope that it speeds up, or is not that big, but I am concerned!